ContPort Consult provides solutions for optimal port operation within container handling, bulk cargoes and Ro-Ro operations.

Global container and port industry cooperation


Niels Vallø is managing the company and has established close cooperation with leading persons within the container and port industry, allowing for solid solutions to all challenges.

Optimize port operations

Get a better operation

Improvements to port operation, how to lift the bottom line and at the same time attract new customers has been key focus for years. How to optimize berth length – water dept and right handling equipment for the port to grow and meet the requirements of the future size of vessels - is part of our knowledge base.

Setting up profitable port operations

Improve efficiency

Handling unitized cargo is today also vital for most ports, and we have years of experience in setting up the right operation to be profitable and meet the requirements of the customers – the shipping companies and cargo owners.


ContPort Consult provides investment proposals for port owners/operators or institutional investors, with clear recommendations to specific actions/improvements including green field projects. Complex investments in operation/equipment and infrastructure is presented in an understandable and clear way for investors to consider.


The competences of ContPort Consult include preparing cost efficient proposals for the port and terminal operation. Potential business require investments in equipment/port area and often guidance on how to set up the right labor structure. Selection of right IT system to support the operation is often paramount to being successful and we guide in the process.


Handling of windmills as well as other project cargo require skill and right equipment. We have solid experience in handling not only project cargo but bulk-containers and reefer cargoes. Each commodity require its own operation and we can assist you optimizing the handling operation.


Should your port and Board see a need for advisory work over a longer period of time, we are able to set resourses aside that meet most requirements in the port and logistics business including rail operation.


As a port how do we approach cold ironing – should we invest in a new berth/crane, what is payback time – what buildings should we tear down to create more operating space – do we have the right organization to build a strong port for the future --- all these and many more challenges are we ready to guide about to find the right reply to your port.


Good investments result in savings, and without investments in people – IT – berth capacity and right equipment, your port will not be among the winning ports in the years to come. We are ready to assist you in finding the right way forward for a successful and profitable growth.

Our Services

  • Trim your organization to fit your future business
  • Ensure your port is ready for future vessel sizes
  • Improve your daily operation
  • Optimize your yard layout
  • Select the right IT system
Global container and port industry cooperation

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